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Excerpts From Breaking Free

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    Song – Breaking Free

    Breaking Free is a song by Anita Narayan, capturing the theme and journey of her book in which she rediscovers joy and purpose after major
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    The Awakening

    I had a dream one night in May 1992 which foretold a major tragedy which would form the backcloth to a journey of powerful transformation.
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    The Turning Point

    As I sat on the floor suspended in bitterness bought on by the aftermath of human destruction a new chilling reality dawned on me.
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Your powerful journey starts here with a blueprint and milestones to create a movement and inspirational legacy that will reshape and change the landscape of this world, where inspiration becomes the real norm!

Breaking Free Immersion

Breaking Free Immersion is about alignment. Freedom starts with you. Align with your true human potential and change the way you relate to yourself

Breaking Free Deep Dive

Breaking Free Deep Dive is all about creativity. Design and Creating a Lifestyle of Freedom and Fulfillment

Breaking Free Legacy

Breaking Free Legacy is about giving though inspirational leadership to serve humanity with deep impact and influence. Involves book, documentary and philanthropy combined